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The Stress-Free Guide to Studying in the States: A Step-by-Step Plan for International Students

"In The Stress-Free Guide to Studying in the States, author Toni Summers Hargis has written a straightforward research and personal experience-based guide, which definitely backs up her confident and trusting 'been there, done that' tone."
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Female celebs against Age-ism. Oh really?

In one respect Madonna's defying age because she has the body you don't expect on a 56 year old woman. Given her work-out regimen, she can probably outlast any 25 year old in the gym and bench press more than most men. Impressive. She may be age-defying, and she may be ranting about age-ism, but I don't believe she's defying it, as some have suggested.  Sure. she's cavorting around in a way that many think is "unbecoming" for a middle-aged woman, - and god bless her - but what about the face? And the gloves? 

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The British Driving Test - Getting Harder or Easier?

I'm just reading here about plans to shake up the British driving test, once again. I have nightmares about my own driving test experience way back in the dark ages (1979, to be exact). Bloody hell that was a difficult test and it seemed to go on forever.

It's different now, and possibly more difficult if statistics are anything to go by - apparently only 43% of people pass the driving test and 51% pass the theory test. The theory test (lasting a whopping 57 minutes) is in two parts - the multiple choice part, and the Hazard Perception part. The driving test is also split into two - the off-road and on-road modules. There's also a section called the "independent driving section" where you're expected to get to a destination following verbal instructions or traffic signs.

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Brits in America: 7 Communication Pitfalls to Avoid

It’s accepted that we have British English and American English, but, in written communication, there’s more than just language differences. Especially in a professional environment, Brits in America need to learn to write like the natives. Why? It’s so easy to convey the wrong meaning or tone with the written word, and using British English just increases the chance of miscommunication.

If you’re writing to Americans, American spellcheck is your new BFF. Yes, Americans will understand if you write “realise” instead of “realize,” or “colour” instead of “color” but it’s distracting, and if you’ve already ruffled feathers, it won’t help.