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The Stress-Free Guide to Studying in the States
A Step-by-Step Plan for Individual Students

As soon as I moved to the USA, I was asked to give advice to various people who were planning some sort of visit or move to the UK. After this happened a few times, I realized I should write things down rather than re-invent the wheel every time. Thus, my first book Rules, Britannia, came about, written for Americans making the move over the Pond; a sort of “what to expect” guide. Most Americans complain about the lousy showers in the UK, and since many British showers are, in fact, fairly inadequate, I felt it my duty to warn readers in advance.

Similarly, as my own and my friends’ kids got closer to college time, I began receiving international enquiries about colleges in the USA, - how to apply, what to look out for, how to narrow down choices and so on. It took one friend (Mandy Kemp) to say “This should be your next book” and I was off. In ''The Stress-Free...'' I guide international high school kids (and their parents and teachers) through the entire college application process, discussing how to research colleges, what the jargon means and how to complete an application form. I also delve into the murky waters of student visas. Most importantly, I point readers to official government and college web sites so that they always have access to the most up-to-date information.

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RulesbritanniacoverRules, Britannia
An Insider's Guide to Life in the United Kingdom

How do you respond to a dinner invitation that says "Eight for eight thirty"? What might induce you to get off a London train at a place called Mud Chute? When is it okay to drive over a sleeping policeman? And why do teh Brits keep saying "Who's she, the cat's mother"?

Rules, Britannia is an invaluable resource for Americans who want to make a smooth transition when visiting or relocating to the UK. This entertaining and practical insider's guide contains scores of established do's and dont's that only a Brit would know.

Most of us know that an elevator is called a "lifet," a toilet is a "loo," and the trunk of your car is the "boot," but who would have a clue about a "sprog" or a "gobsmacked berk"? These phrases are part of daily conservation in the UK, and leave many visiting Americans as baffled as if they listening to a foreign language.

Covering such essential topics as vocabulary, house- or "flat"-hunting, business culture, child rearing, and even relationship etiqutte, Rules, Britannia will ease the anxiety that comes with a transatlantic move or extended visit, and is sure to make any old Yank feel like a regular Joe Bloggs.

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