tonibigpicAbout Toni

I was born and brought up in God's chosen country, Tyneside; a region in the north east of England, about 70 miles from the English/Scottish border. In 1980 I left the freezing tundra of the north east and went to Bristol University, where I pretended to study law and generally had a whale of a time. From there I settled in London and had an even more uproarious time, pretending to work in Human Resource and Training stuff. It was during this time that I met my future husband, who would probably like to remain anonymous (Mark). We eventually married in 1990, (she says, skipping boring and sappy details) then he left for Dallas without me. As is my luck, our immigration papers got lost somewhere and I had to stay behind for a month.

Scroll forward a thousand years and I’m now living in Chicago with said hubby, three children of varying ages and a dog with selective hearing. My days are spent writing for US/UK web sites, writing books and, of course, fighting a losing battle with the laundry pile. I am also kept occupied with my charity, started in 2009. Caring Kid Connections helps fund a small school in Ghana. Please visit the website to learn more about the wonderful teachers and children at the school.